Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sailing Has A Home: The New Hall of Fame In Annapolis

Cooperstown, NY. Canton, OH. The mere mention of these places usually elicits only one image in the minds of American sports fans: The Halls of Fame. The temples where particular sports are honored. Until now, however, American sailors had no such place to gather and celebrate the heroes of the past and present. How can this be?

We are the nation that claimed an overly ornate cup from the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1851, and defended it for 132 years. We are the nation that produced the world's first solo-cicumnavigation. We are also the nation that has won more Olympic sailing medals than any other. 

In other words, America needs a Sailing Hall of Fame! We certainly have enough amazing stories to fill one. Check out the video above to get the details about this ongoing effort.

-Will Ricketson

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